Reunion Photos By Carl Shimckus
Bill Keel and Mark "Armpit" Arnstam
(Warren Mackensen in background)
Duane was a guest of Al and served on the USS Narwahl
Duane Rodriguez and Al Tafá
Mark Arnstam and John Sweat
Bill Keel, Al Tafá, and
John Fleitz
Bob "Bingo" Bode and his wife,
Nancy Bode
Mark Arnstam, Bill Keel, and
Carl "Schmuck" Shimckus
(To Carl's right, in the background -
Michael Croteau)
Dave Bell and John Sweat
John Fleitz, Al Tafá (holding a picture of
the USS Tullibee in Naples, Italy in
and Ed Koskie
(In the background - Tom Donahue)
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