My father, CWO3 Rogers Masson, died on 31AUG89 in Asheville, NC.  He joined the Navy in 1956 as an E1,
found his way on to his first diesel boat, worked his way up through E9, became a CWO and a graduate of the
Naval Postgraduate School, served on the Caiman, the Blackfin, the Redfin, the Dace, the Tullibee, the Patrick
Henry, the Abraham Lincoln, and finally retired in 1978 having served on the 658 boat from 75-78 as the Assistant
Weapons Officer under the command of Capt. Collins.  I have few memories of his time in the Navy as I was only
10 when he retired, however I do have one that stands out clear.  My dad had broken his leg and a patrol was
coming up.  He insisted on going, and I can remember watching him on crutches hobbling away from the car in to
the dark towards the gate.  This is truly what he loved to do, and truly who he was as a man.  A submariner.  My
dad died while I was stationed at Little Creek, VA and I was honored to escort his ashes to the Portsmouth Naval
Hospital, where I was born in 68, and later to USS Norfolk (SSN714) from which he was buried approx 36N by74W,
fulfilling what he called his “…deepest honor, to be with my fellow shipmates of the Thresher as well as those who
have gone before, and will go after.”.

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Tullibee Veteran Rogers Masson
departed on Eternal Patrol on Aug. 31, 1989.
Rogers Masson
d. Aug. 31, 1989
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After finding out about Rogers Masson's passing, I was able to locate the memorium below
from one of his children.