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I have told so many stories, and made so many people laugh over the years (especially now when I tell them to my
Army buddies) that I forget which were true and which were lies.  Here's a few from 74-76.  Let's see if we all
remember this, or if I was dreaming the whole time.

- Jughead and Doc having eating contests.  Jug eating 27 pieces of liver and 10 steaks.  Doc eating 15 lobster tails
and two loaves of bread.  Just to say they did it.

- Alice (I forget his last name) pulling a toaster out of a small bulkhead compartment in the crew's mess to make a
piece of toast.  The same instant he plugged it in, the reactor scrammed (Med 75).  When the emergency lighting
came on, Alice was looking at the plug and mumbling "All I wanted was some G** D****** Toast!"

- Our Talent Shows.  A reading from the "Book of Phillips" and Arm Pit dressed like a girl.  He was hot.

- Estes, the perennial "Leading Seaman", singing "The Wanderer" by Sha Na Na at the top of his lungs while
standing Helms/Planes.

- Estes taught me this one too:  Steer course 180, but, really, cock the wheel a little bit and do a complete circle
without anyone noticing.  Screws the Quartermaster all up.

- Our vast collection of Reel-to-Reel tapes, including the infamous XXX country music tapes with "Fireball" and
"Give me Forty Acres and I'll Turn This Rig Around".  We always had music going, like a soundtrack to insanity.

- Our teenie-tiny library in the crew's mess filled with Mac Bolen "Executioner" novels and Zane Grey westerns.

- Barry Kult flying into the wardroom everytime Folta whipped out a cigarette, just to light it for him.

- Birthday parties on the beach at La Mad with cases of nasty Peroni Beer (Birra).  Shoving birthday cake up
someone's ass.

- Ensign Habermeyer getting a hickie from Green Jeans right before he left to get married.  Then he cried.

- Standing in the bridge on Northern runs and riding the swells like an amusement park ride.  Laughing our butts off
as we watched water swirl down the conning tower hatch like a toilet bowl.

-  Trying to wake Rudy Bagos up:  Stand back three feet, touch his shoulder, then run.

- PN2 Frog getting his hair cut after almost a year of tucking it under his hat.

-  Fighting British sailors in La Spezia

- Dave Dvorak getting his arm broke in a bar fight in Groton.  Us going back with .45's to kill someone.  Luckily, they

- The "Short - Timers" Chain.

- Snorting string.

- Crawling down into the aux tank outside of the SINS (?) room to load GDU weights and cans of coffee.

- Fires.  Lots of fires.  Occasional flooding.  Occasional radiation alarms, collision alarms.  Wow.  The memories.

- "Mopping" the floor (deck) with a green scrubbie and a coffee can.  Sweeping the floor (deck) with a foxtail and
dustpan.  Hey, I was E-2, E-3.  We had to do those things.

- Being a "Non-Qual Puke."

- Worse yet, being a Non-Qual Puke Ensign, like Habermeyer.

- Our Tullibee lighters and belt buckles.  Sure wish I hadn't lost mine.

- Jim Ash, God rest his soul.

I miss all you guys.  I'm in the Army now.  I'm a paratrooper, Air Assault trooper, jungle expert, Forward Observer.  
Been in for 13 years.  Still, though, it's a lot less risky than a Med Run on the old T2!!

SFC David Dunckel
Fort Knox, KY

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