1.0 For correspondence, and other Operational Requirements, the Association is officially entitled “U.S.S. TULLIBEE
(SSN-597) ASSOCIATION” established 08 July 2009.

1.1 PURPOSE: The purpose of the Association is four-fold:

1.1.1 To maintain an awareness and camaraderie among former shipmates, officers and enlisted, who honorably served
aboard the U.S.S. TULLIBEE (SSN-597) for duty.

1.1.2 To this end, plan, schedule, and conduct periodic reunions for all shipmates, spouses, families, friends, and
widows, including families and friends of shipmates on eternal patrol.

1.1.3 To provide an opportunity to renew old acquaintances.

1.1.4 To honor and perpetuate the memory of all shipmates on eternal patrol.

1.2 ORGANIZATION: The Tullibee Association consists of former crewmembers, officers and enlisted, as further defined
below.  The U.S.S. TULLIBEE (SSN-597) ASSOCIATION shall elect a Board of Directors from the membership consisting
of five (5) members, as further specified below.  The members of the Board of Directors shall be the Association Officers.

2.0 MEMBERSHIP: Former Naval Personnel qualified in submarines, who served aboard the USS Tullibee (SSN-597) for
permanently assigned duty, are eligible to apply and be accepted as Tullibee Association members. Any former
crewmembers, officers and enlisted, of the U.S.S. TULLIBEE (SSN-597), who are qualified in submarines, are eligible to
apply for and be accepted as a member of the Association.

2.1 HONORARY MEMBERSHIP: The widow of any former USS TULLIBEE (SSN-597) veteran who would have been
eligible for membership will be awarded an Honorary Membership.  Other Honorary Memberships may be awarded as
recommended by the Board of Directors, or any other member, and with the approval of a majority of the membership.

2.1.1 All veterans of the USS Tullibee SS-284 will be granted honorary lifetime
memberships upon request.

2.2 ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: Any individual who is of good standing in his or her community, or who a U.S.S.
TULLIBEE (SSN-597) Association member sponsors, may apply for an Associate Membership.  Associate Members must
be approved by the majority of the Association officers.

2.2.1 Associate and Honorary members will not have the right to cast a vote in Association Business and shall not be
eligible to hold office.  With approval from the Board of Directors, they may serve as members of the reunion committee.

2.2.2:  Associate membership rates will be the same as rates for regular
membership as outlined in section 3.0 ff.

2.3 ASSOCIATION OFFICERS: The Association Officers shall consist of a minimum of five (5) members. They will be
Commander, Vice Commander, Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian. If a position on the Board of Directors is vacated
between elections, the Commander, with the approval of the other Board Members, may appoint an Association Member
to fill the vacancy. An Association Member may fill more than one position on the Board.

2.4 DUTIES: The duties of the Association Officers are prescribed as follows.

2.4.1 Commander:  The commander shall call meetings of the Board of Directors as deemed necessary for the good of
the Association and either chair or appoint a chairman for all Board and General Membership Meetings.  He shall call for
financial reports and keep the membership advised of all items of interest to the Association.  He shall bear the
responsibility for the contents of the Association Newsletter and function as its Editor.  He shall prepare timely reunion
announcements to local and national media, particularly those involved in reunion events.  He shall broaden interest and
enhance membership and attendance. Term of office: four (4) years.

2.4.2 Vice Commander:  The Vice Commander shall advise the Commander of any matters of interest to the Association
and on any matters requiring action by the Board of Directors.  He shall carry out additional duties as may be assigned
by the Commander.  The Vice Commander will function in the place of the Commander in his absence.  He shall be
ready to relieve the Commander should the situation arise.  The term of office will be four (4) years.

2.4.3 Secretary:  The Secretary shall maintain an up-to-date "Sailing List" of the membership. The Sailing List will include
full name, address, and phone number, time on board the TULLIBEE and other information deemed pertinent.  He shall
provide the Board and any current member with an updated Sailing List when requested. He shall prepare replies to all
correspondence from the membership and other sources as required with the Commander's knowledge and approval.
Inform the Commander of any correspondence requiring his personal reply.  He shall maintain an Association Log of
Events, take minutes of all official meetings and perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Commander. Term
of office: four (4) years.

2.4.4 Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall establish and maintain a record of Association financial transactions.  He shall
ensure all monies collected are duly entered, and all expenditures are properly documented.  He shall establish a
checking account under the name of the Association, with authorization for Treasurer's or Commander' signature.  He
shall provide the Commander with a copy of the monthly bank statements and an annual financial statement.  The
statements shall be provided at reunions for review and approval of those members in attendance. Term of office: four
(4) years.

2.4.4.a  A financial audit will be held at every reunion cycle. The audit team will consist of three (3) or more volunteers
who are not members of the Board of Directors and will be conducted prior to the end of the reunion.  A member of the
audit team will report the team’s conclusions to the membership at each reunion.

2.4.5 HISTORIAN:  The historian shall compile, categorize, and maintain a complete data base of the Association's past,
present, and future events. The historian will provide selected books of past and present events for viewing during the
reunions. Term of office: 4 years.

2.4.6 REUNION COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON:  The Reunion Committee chairperson will report to the Board of Directors
and will oversee the reunion committee in the planning and activities for reunions. Term as chairperson: 2 years.

2.5 NOMINATING COMMITTEE:  The Nominating Committee will consist of Association Officers and shall make
recommendations four (4) months prior to the expiration of the term of office of any elected Officer.  The committee shall
select candidates, determine their willingness to serve, and report their recommendations to the membership at the next
reunion business meeting.  Mail-in nominations and nominations from the floor will be accepted.  The Commander will fill
vacancies as needed to complete terms and will be approved by the Association Officers.

2.6 ELECTIONS:  Will be held as required.  Members of the Board of Directors who have been appointed to fill vacancies
in the interim shall be confirmed by the membership if they desire to remain in office.  Any elected Board Member may
succeed himself if it is the desire of those present and voting at a reunion.  There is no limit to the number of terms an
officeholder may serve.  Only Association Members may vote in Tullibee Association elections.  Honorary and Associate
Members are not considered voting members.

3.0 FINANCES:  Financial operations are described herein:

3.0.1 Salaries:  No Officer or member of the Association will be salaried.

3.0.2 Dues:  Initial Association dues are $10.00, and renewal of dues is $10.00 per year, payable in advance at the
beginning of each year (01 January of each year). The Board of Directors may increase annual dues by unanimous vote.

3.0.2.a  A lifetime membership is available for regular and associate members.  
The rates are as follows and are based upon the member's age at time of payment of lifetime dues:   Age 65 and over:
$50.00; Age 60-64: $75.00; Age 50-59: $100.00; Age 49 and under: $150.00.

3.0.3 Expenses:  The Association Officers must exercise care and prudence to ensure all legal obligations and
expenditures are paid from association funds.  Oversight will include individual costs for reunions and monies acquired
through Association activities or donations.  Expense accounting will be prepared by the Treasurer not later than sixty
days after reunions and submitted to the Board of Directors.

3.0.4 Reimbursement:  Reimbursement will not be made to any member for personal time, travel, local telephone calls or
in the preparation of written correspondence for record keeping unless specific approval has been made ahead of time
by the Board of Directors.  Reimbursements will be paid for actual cost of correspondence supplies, stamps, and other
items of a similar nature required to conduct business of the Association only.  Receipts will be required for the
Treasurer to make payment for reimbursement.  The expenditure of personal funds will be at the person's own risk
unless prior approval is obtained from the Treasurer or Commander of the Association.  No assets of the Association
may be used to reimburse any member of the Association for travel or other expenses in connection with a reunion
except as otherwise stated herein.

3.0.4.a  Reimbursement for travel, food, and lodging shall be made to no more than two of the Board of Directors in
connection with planning and research for a reunion. Receipts shall be kept for approval of the remaining Directors and
given to the Treasurer for inclusion in the bi-annual Treasurer’s report for approval by the Association.

3.0.5 Indebtedness:  The Association is not authorized to incur debt.

4.0 Changing or Amending these By Laws:  Any member in good standing may initiate changes or amendments by
submitting the proposed change in writing to the Secretary.  All changes will be presented to the membership of the

4.0.1 The proposed changes or amendments will be enacted upon approval by a majority of the members voting.

4.0.2 Voting can be via the Internet or by mail.  All votes, whether by Internet or mail, must be received by a
predetermined date, which must be announced no less than thirty days from the start of voting.
5.0 Disestablishment of the Association:  When the U.S.S. TULLIBEE (SSN-597) ASSOCIATION is disestablished by a
majority of the members present and voting, after all financial obligations are met, its cash and other assets remaining at
such time shall be donated to the United States Submarines Veterans, Inc.

Approved by the Membership:

___________________________________        ________________________________
               Commander                                                      Vice-Commander

___________________________________        ________________________________
                Secretary                                                               Treasurer

___________________________________        _________
                 Historian                                             Date