Dinger Bell, AKA, Tinker Bell, AKA,  David Bell. You guys are great! I'm remembering more and more. The more I
remember, the more I know why I forgot it.

What ever happened to "Mac the Slack" Mackensen ? My fondest memory of Mac was going down for sound trials
and torpedo testing on the infamous "southern run
." Here it was, state 10 seas and chow time. The meal for the
, of course: chicken ala king (Dynamited chicken). I had to go to the Wardroom for some mundane crap. All the
officers were green and most were throwing chunks, except Mac. He had a piece of bread in one hand and a spoon
in the other, and he was taking no prisoners.

We got the boat fumigated for cockroaches
...the first time with Wigley by importing them to the bow compartment in
35mm film canisters. Whenever we would leave the boat, we would dump a load of roaches. The stewards even
knew what was going on.

The shipyard was a blast even if it was 18 hour days
, 7 days a week. We shot seagulls using welding rods and CO2
fire extinguishers. Got into a shit load of diver's markers and tossed it into the water, then had the chief diver for the
yards want to know where his boys were. Prus
sian Blued toilet seats, Mcgan's bicycle seat, and tossing WO2 Tidd's
bicycle off the living barge. Super gluing Chief Danley's coffee cup to his desk, with hot coffee in it. I met Chief
Danley in San Diego. I was on the Drum, he was on the sub tender. He told me somebody mailed him all his missing
. They were, of course, in no shape to use.

I remember Rickover's visit. Green picked him up at the airport and first off he bummed a quarter from Green for a
ollect call. After the call, he put the quarter in his pocked and gave it a pat. His pocket was full of change. He
got to the living barge and the A
-gang Chief was supposed to have a "good" set of khaki's for him because he was
the only one on the boat that was the Admiral's size. For some reason the k
haki's didn't work out. So the Admiral
borrowed a set from the duty officer, who was 6' 2". This guy looked like a bum when he came down to the engine
room. Shirt sleeves and pants legs rolled up, what a sight. He was better mannered for lunch. Not having any pitless
grapes for the Admiral, he spit the seeds at Wigley. I only got that info second hand from the steward who had to
clean up the mess. Ho Ho Ho
, got to go.

Dave Bell
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