These are just a few, and I don't want to pick on any individual, but Henry Engo was a TRUE Tullibee sailor!

Flooding the diesel out in the med and having to pull back into Lamod.

Kissing Sparks on the Dance floor on the rock, the tender sailors rioting and wanting to kill the bubblehead fags, and
us having to be escorted by armed guards back to the barracks.

MMC wolf getting sh*t faced and somehow thinks his piss cutter is on the other side of the security fence. The only
reason they didn't shoot him is that he fell off on our side, the CO had to personally pick him up from security.

Steve Mehrl almost killing Tony Davison when he dropped a deck hatch on his head while we were in deck div. Same
day Mehrl kicked over a 5 gallon bucket of primer over the side and making the Orion green....

Another sonartech blowing sanitaries to the Orion and blowing the hose off of the tender coating it with crap.

Booger in sonar calling away "torpedo in the water" while the drill brief was still in progress, we thought it was real.

Booger taking flash pictures of the ship's control party while we were doing a periscope observation rigged for black,
we were blind!

Booger asking while me and sksn Covert were loading the tdu "seaman Covert, is the tdu muzzle
ball valve shut? I don't want any flooding on my boat!"

Jim the Elt wearing mickey mouse ears all the time; I discovered that he was wearing them to hide the earrings during
the entire med run.

Herren, a mssa idiot sitting on CP Coons lap asking him why if he had a flat tire there was still air on top of it.

Herren, draining the deepfat fire while energized and starting a fire, so we dumped the range guard and made a hell
of a mess.

Steve Bria walking into the messdecks with Herren's girlfriends picture in a framed necklace, dangling from his penis,
and Herren laughing/gigglin.....

Clay Dodson as aef, dangling and slapping Herren sitting on the ladder up to the messdecks with his penis, asking
him "does the white boy want some?" and Herren giggling.

We put a lubricated blown up condom in Herren's bunk bag, it laid there for 2 weeks cause he didn't know what it

Being triced up in the torpedo room during field day and Booger asking me why I didn't have a chemwipe in my hands.

Starting up the fuel oil purifier and the torpedomen calling away a hotrun in the torpedo room.

Covert hanging from the overhead in the torpedo room from his harness and trying to explain why he was late for
maneuvering watch.

The duty section in port watching through the holes around the TV in the messdecks as another cook screwed his
wife in the starboard stores room, and didn't know....

Having Engo re-connect the air connection to the lead accumulator air flask after a inspection for oil, and
crossthreading 3 inches of threads on a 5 inch ms fitting....he had a come along attached to
the main motor to turn the ford wrench, destroyed the air flask....

Engo cutting in air (laziness) because the hydraulic plant was inerted with nitrogen (oil in the lead air flask) and
blowing the hydraulic plant up...

First day in port from the med run--a minor fire in the JO's stateroom bunklight and a nav'et tripping and dumping a
pkp in the stateroom...

Squirrel trapping me in the crew's head (first week onboard) and not letting me out till I looked at his overgrown left

Flooding in the engineroom in port (divers removing a blank flange off of the hull); we actually looked at the pod to
see if there was a drill scheduled...

The duty section couldn't get to the casualty because all of the jo's clogging the passageway in lower level..engo
beating them into the outboards with a material bag....hehe

Blowing the drain pump overboard flange off in port and staying up all night in a smallboat soaking up oil with

A shotgun stock being broke on the pier playing ebgreen ball....

2 drunks tying up to the rudder to fish, and wouldn't leave.

The qm's trash can breaking loose during a storm at pd and shearing a depth gauge line, calling away flooding in

IC1 Angel, standing aow/aef/tmow, crawling through the messdecks with a bucket of puke sitting on his logs at pd, we
were doing 45's port and starboard....

The hull valve leaking for air to the head valve, us placing fake fish in the trash bag for the leak, and us naming them.

Koval on the phones with Orv, trying to pump overboard with the trim pump by trying to turn it by hand and Orv saying
"KOVAL, you have to turn it faster!!!!!"  Koval replying "i can't, i can't", and starting to cry (on the helms/planes card
you had to operate the pump locally to get the sig.)

Koval waking up the supply officer on the Orion to walk through a chit for bulkhead remover, and the officer telling
him they were out of stock....

Koval routing a 1250 for water slugs to the CO, and him approving it....

Koval cleaning paint off of his arms using bulkhead remover, (until Harry Feather caught him); he was using a 1
pound can of lard!

Herren being dressed up for the mail buoy retrieval, getting ready to man stations, and Booger taking pictures of
him...ruining it....

Steve Bria, aka "nub control petty officer", smashing oranges and grapefruit on the heads of nubs sitting on the
messdecks in the morning and not working on quals....

Dogpile the chop everytime he walked through the messdecks during a movie...

Waking Roach up by placing a cup of hot coffee on his chest while he was in his rack, he never relieved Orv ontime...

Engo being proud that his wife wore the same size jeans he had to have seen him at the time!

Clay Dodson crossthreading the crew's head deck drain plug, blowing sans, blowing the plug out and dumping san 3
into the head.

Ricky Donnel blowing sh_t on himself at least on a weekly basis...

The washing machine tearing loose from its mounts during a spin cycle and tearing the place up!

The forward flood control accumulator air drains blowing out during a duty section movie...

Emergency surfacing and the diesel not starting right away when we dumped a refrigeration plant in the engineroom.

I can go on, and on......hope these were entertaining!

Danny Hagar
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