Howdy Shipmates,

Oh the memories. . . I knew it was just a matter of time before somebody mentioned Burkhalter, old Marvelous

My favorite memory of him is him standing on the work badge with his pants around his ankles and his thumbs in
the vice, not once-but twice! Marvin telling Doc that his thumbs hurt, Doc promising to treat them as soon as he got
them out of the vice. Chief Banister operating the vice, smile as big as he was at the time (before he lost all that
weight). I was packing the bearings with graphite, you might say. But with Marvin, greasing was definitely daily PMS.

Banister was quite fond of beating us too Joe, not as fond of it as Luther Peel was, but definitely into inflicting pain
on A-gangers. I remember Greg Gray and I jumping him on the work badge. We scooted his big ass across the
bench, it took both of us, Banister ended up with a back full of splinters, Greg and I each lost a handful of hair!
Speaking of pain and Luther, wasn't he also proficient with a flashlight, Joe? I remember the first time he kicked my
ass in his office, you were happy for me. . .you told me that it showed that he liked me and you were right!

Then there was the XO, Kadlick I think his name was. . .a real prick and one sea-sick SOB. I always felt bad about
making him puke when we were on the surface, rigged for black. You were the COW, and a mercy puker, by the
time if was over, I was the only one that hadn't puked. You held out for a while, but when the messenger blew
chunks trying to clean off the SCP, you lost it too. As the AOW, I just roved on out of control.

I remember saving all the sleazy jobs until Mr. Pilsbury had the duty. He and I fixed that shift valve on the drain
pump on the mid watch, it wasn't just PFM. But Capt. Kosher was smart enough not to press the issue he quietly
accepted his good fortune and didn't ask any questions. He was a great Skipper! Mr. P was cool too, a fireman
trapped in a Lt's. body.

Then there was Tony Knestaut, insisting on stopping on pick up a sink that somebody had abandoned on the
Mapleview exit off route one. You probably don't even remember that Tony, you were pretty lit-but that sink was in
my trunk for months! Who could forget "sign my skivvies" when Tony checked out.

Does anyone remember Parmalee suckering Marvin into the weight losing contest? Parmalee must have had fifty
pounds of tools hidden on him for the weigh-in. Marvin ate salad and celery, Parmalee ate like a king. Marvin lost
two pounds, Parmalee lost fifty! He's probably still trying to figure out what happened.

Oh we were mean, but there was no doubt that if anybody would have touched a hair on any of our heads,
including Marvin's, we'd been out in force looking for blood. That was the Tullibee, in a word-TIGHT!

One last thought Joe, Barbara was curious why there was no mention of the dog track in Seabrook, or the lucky
cheese pizza with crushed red pepper.


Eric (Smitty) Smith
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