T2 memories and not in any particular order...

Fires, fuel element failure, steam leak, running into the pier, sand in engine
room lower level,  shaft break, flooding,  silent scrams, stern plane jam,
periscope jam, diesel breakdown requiring complete rebuild in LaMad, shore power
cable blowing up,  cutting the towed balloon, oxygen tanks empty-no smoking-but
candles at dinner in the ward room,   stuck on a sandbar in Cocoa Beach,  RO
cutting off his finger at the hatch going down into the Rx Compartment,
Jimmy Pistolli tours to Mount Vesuvius, Cameo Factory, and Pompeii. And that
lunch before the Pompeii tour with all the wine, the guy on the squeezebox
singing Santa Lucia and other Italian songs, I cannot remember too much of
Pompeii ( inebriated) but my pictures show I saw an awful lot of it.

Climbing around inside the Nazi underground submarine base in Tunisia

Visiting the Ruins of Carthage

Climbing to the top of the rock of Gibraltar

Short Day Trip to Florence and Pisa, climbing to the top of the leaning tower in
Pisa and the top of some church in Florence

On a 4 day trip to Rome taking the launch, bus, plane, train, and cruise ship
there and back

As far as the eye can see fields of sunflowers in Spain

In Rota, being escorted by security in a long line of T2 sailors back to the sub
while Mark McCarthy plays his harmonica after shutting down the club, well I
think the club shutdown early because of us
Isle of Capri

Starting a short timers chain at 1305 days while sitting a sightglass watch in
the tunnel

Monday morning massacre
Mediterranean swim call
The tongue of the ocean torpedo shoots, a bunch of us riding around Andros
island in a Range Rover driven by an English scientist team,

Drill time in engineering, the Officers would pull one and then the Tullibee
would pull one.  Single loop here we come again

Coming in from sea one afternoon after a 2 week run and going back out the next
morning because the Nautilus was broke down.

Pulling into Savannah Georgia after the SSTG develops a casing steam leak,
pulling up alongside the pier and I proudly earning the longest lanyard with
attached monkey fist, the aft deck officer tells me to not  f *** up because
there would be alot of brass on the pier and we wanted to make a good
impression.  I hurl the lanyard and watch as it gets caught up in the antennas,
circles the T2's sail and just misses the Captain's head by a few inches. I
thought I would die.......laughing.

Katy, Nyrady, Habermeyer, Demlein

Lights out, movie time in the crews mess, Ensign JG    Katy (RC Div Officer)
walks through the area and somebody grabs him, throws him down on the table and
holds him while someone else puts a hickey on the top of his bald head. Boy, was
he was pissed. He never found out who did it.

$1.298 books in maneuvering

Sitting by the starboard torpedo tubes, reading a Playboy (sure, or at least
looking at the pictures), when I over hear the cry from Maneuvering on the 2MC
"Flooding in the Engineroom", grabbing the power cord for the submersible pump
and following Bingo who has grabbed the submersible pump and we run back to
Engine Room  during the shaft/flooding incident

XO ordering the drain pump to pump during the shaft incident

Rx scram caused by yours truly, NIs do not overlap, trying to calibrate them as
we seriously rock port to starboard due to an  a s s  kicking storm above us,
Comodore puking up forward, Diesel continues to flood out and the forward guys
must don EABs due to carbon monoxide, I'm disqualified Reactor Operator, a real
bad day for most of us

loading TDU  weights

I was messcranking, I has just made up and set on the floor a 5 gallon container
of green bug juice and the Captain decides to hold drills. Jam dive drills, I
watch as the container of green bug slides forward, falls over, lid pops off and
a wave of green bug juice washes into the control room past radio land and sonar

Prather Ellsberry and Chief Cook  as an EOOW and EWS team in the engineroom, you
could not find a better pair for ORSE

Red Tag specials

Eating squid caught off the barge in Kittery, Maine
You know, for all the bads times I usually say I had, I really cannot remember
that many.
What I miss the most is the camaraderie, friendship and good times you cannot
find anywhere else except on a submarine. At least I have not been able to find
It wasn't just a crew, it was a family.  I hope you remember it that way as
Take Care,
Michael D. Willing (WW)

My memories are good, no... real good.
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