Hey Gary,
I was trying to remember my favorite sea story and had so many good ones.. I realized something. Of all the crap and
weird shit that happened to us all, it was the T2 crew that stuck out as my favorite part of being there. No matter what
happened to the boat we were a great crew, in port and at sea. No matter what other ships had to say about the poor
old boat, when they got one of us to ride on their boat they realized how much better a T2 sailor was than regular
sailor the jokes would stop after they saw how much better we could do things and how easy it was for us take the
mission with a boat that didn't pull it's own drills!! (regular sailors = sailors on boats that had current equipment,
plenty of berthing, standard equipment that could be ordered without someone asking what the hell it was, and crews
that were such cliques that they looked like a girls room at a junior high dance.)  We were always a great crew.. we
pulled some shit on each other but, if you weren't a T2 sailor keep your hands off and your mouth shut around our
guys!! That's my best memory of the T2 Gary, all great guys that could do anything with less than nothing to make
an old, one of a kind, cruel bitch run as long as possible and do "just one more mission."  I'll think of some good
stories... but just wanted to pass that on.

SGT Dean A. Cosentino
B Company, 1st RGMT, 181BAT, 26th BDE, 29th DIV
also known as "Tino" or "Mr. 597" in a Squadron 2 galaxy far far away.......
but not forgotten!
Hi everyone.  I was on the T2 from ''78 - '82.  I remember Bingo...Hi Bingo.  I lived through the great sinking in the
Med (broken shaft) as well as the fried RPC incident (the vomiting Commodore) in Lamadellina, the contaminated
ORSE Board, a few fires, at least one other flooding incident, an exploding MG, an exploding shore power
cable...you know you guys that were onboard
after '82 were lucky to even have a boat.  I know Bingo remembers all of that stuff!  By the way, hi Bucky...I
remember foosball in NL.  Wrong Way Gallagher...contrary to your prediction I did live past the age of 24 (by the
grace of God), and I'm doing quite well.  Tony K., I remember a beach in Bermuda - 'nuff said.  Spaz, I won't even say
over email what I remember...just send money and I'll keep my mouth shut.  No, really, I hope you guys are all doing
well.  I'm working in the RadEngineering group at
PVNGS out in Phoenix...been here for a while.  I've got a beautiful wife and 2 kids who know nothing about my jaded
Navy past.  Left several of the boys from the T2 back at TMI in '82 (remember Ultra-man?).  I haven't heard from my
old running mate Kevin Jesenski (KJ) since I got out.  I remember we spent 10 years in combat together one month in
Rhoda, Spain.  Yep, we were lucky to make it out alive.  Let me know if any of you know where he is.

A reunion sounds very intriguing.  It's unlikely that I could attend since I live on the west coast, but keep me updated.

Dave Heckman
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