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The living conditions were kinds strange wern't they?

Hot racking in the TR middle top racks and have the cranks spill some bug juice and waking up on a wet sticky bed
with bug juice pouring down the deck plates.  Of course, couldn't take a shower as that was for storage.  No wonder
the small cramped space outside the CO's stateroom in lower level was full of folks trying to get some sleep on
Kapocks, (until the COW would vent the negative tank) What was the name of that area?  Never could figure out what
the initials stood for.

Also, the time Marvolious Marvin messed his drawers starting the disel and they blew a water slug.  He thought for
sure the darn thing had finally blew up.

Oh, the memories

Jeff Knight - Deck div ST div and sailor of appreciation.

- Leaving the dry dock in Groton in November of 1979 and having the boat lose power and slam into the pier. What a
team, we were able to get her back in dry-dock that day.

- Luther Peel's mini baseball bat.

- The Puddle dock

- The Starlight Club

- way to many keggers

- Good Time Charlie's

- UNH games

- 39 months in the shipyard

- LT. Shoemacker

- If I could only see one old shipmate it would be Timothy J. Springer..maybe then the bad dreams would stop.

- EMC Teebo and speed beer drinking

- some really good football teams

- my all time favorite quality of life issue..." of course the crew showers are secured...where else are we going to stow
the trash bags".

- air force Debbie

- Springsteen with Bingo in Boston....thanks

- peppermint schnapps

- sluggo

- vegetable meat loaf

- eab bongs

- greasings

- holy cow...them cutout values shut all by themselves

- by the way....who stole the phone in crews mess....the national archive is still looking for them.

- Tony's Nova

- Greg Gray and Red

- B-52s and rock lobster.

- It's surprising how many officers from the T2 went on to command submarines.....even a whole bunch who use to
smoke pot in AMR. Not that smoking pot ever happened on the T2.....must be my imagination.

But the greatest memory of the T2 is of a whole bunch of great people. I always bump into people you served on the
boat (mostly at therapy sessions) and no one seems to remember the living conditions (rotten) or the one of a kind
machinery that kept breaking with no repair parts manufactured in the past 20 years. No, the only thing they
remember are pleasant times with a great crew.

--Anonymous Crewmember